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The lesbianism

The lesbianism means feminine homosexuality, sexual or emotional attraction between women.

Origin of the Spanish words related to the lesbianism

Origin of the word "Safismo" (Sapphism)

    Sappho was a Greek born poetess in the island of Lesbos in 628 B.C. Sappho had a boarding school for youngsters of noble families and a school of dance, music and poetry in an island of the Aegean Sea called Mitilene. In that boarding school relations would start arising between Sappho and the young girls who were inhabiting it. Sappho emigrated to Sicily, wherefrom she returned in 580 B.C. thanks to the pardon that there granted her the leader of the city of Lesbos.

Origin of the word "Lesbiana" (Lesbian)

    The boarding school of the poetess Sappho (630-560 to. C) was in the island of Lesbos. Many centuries later, concretely at the end of the XVIth century, a French writer so-called Pierre de Bourdeille (more acquaintance as Master of Brântome) compiled affectionate poems between women in a titled book  "The lesbians", in reference to the island where Sappho lived. The word became popular and those women who were feeling attracted sexually for other women were called lesbians.

Origin of the word "Boyera" (Cattle shed) or "Bollera" (Dyke)

    The word boyera (cattle shed in Spanish) probably comes from ancient priestesses who were directing cars of oxen (hence the denomination of cattle sheds). These priestesses were celebrating ceremonies (4000 years ago) in that only women were taking part for a religious rite feminist according to whom only the women were representing the Earth, the only and most ancient goddess that the humanity adored before the masculine principle was overthrowing her. These feminine worships were the residues of a matriarchal period in which the whole religion was in hands of the women. The rites had astronomical character. In fact there exists the Drover's constellation (formerly so-called Cattle shed in Spanish) represented by a priestess leading a car of oxen.

Origin of the word "Tortillera" (Omelette maker)

    In the novel "Maitreya", of the Cuban Severo Sarduy, one of the personages, in particular "Iluminada", takes in her hand an fu-yong omelette that is a false omelette where there do not exist the eggs (in reference to the masculine genitals). This fu-yong omelette, that seems to allude to a Chinese food, refers rather to "fullón", the Spanish augmentative for "fullería" (cheat). It is, therefore, a false omelette where there are no eggs. The word "tortillera" is used in many Spanish-speaking countries, principally in Cuba and Spain.

Other Spanish words related to the lesbianism are virago (virile woman), machorra (it was said about the sheeps that they were not breeding), and fricatrices or tribadas (alluding to the act of one rubbing against other one).

In spite of the rejection that the lesbians have experienced along the History, many women have recognized openly their sexual condition, many famous lesbians (or bisexual) as Isadora Duncan, Virginia Woolf, Mercedes De Acosta, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Susan Sontag, Annie Leibowitz, Martina Navratilova, Amelie Mauresmo, etc.

How has the lesbianism been viewed by the men? In general with rejection, except when the lesbians are perceived as an object of sexual desire. Many men feel excited by lesbian spectacles and look for lesbians' pornography to satisfy their fantasies.

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