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Jorja Fox    Actress Jorja-An Fox was born on July 7, 1968 in the city of New York (New York, the United States). Her parents, Jeff and Marilyn, were Canadian immigrants proceeding from Montreal. She has an older brother so-called Jeff. Her mother died in 1996. Jorja was present at the Institute Hoover Junior and at the Institute Melbourne, both in Florida, until she appeared to a pass of models in a commercial center. There founded her own producer, Honey Pot, dedicated to the experimental theater, along with Heather Grody, singer and guitarist of Murmurs. She made debut in the movies in 1989 as protagonist of the movie The Kill-Off. But her reputation has reached her as actress of series of television, especially for the series C.S.I. where she interpreted the personage of Sara Sidle and for the series Urgencies personifying doctor Maggie Doyle, vegetarian and lesbian. Also she has intervened in other American series as Law and Order and Missing Persons.

    Jorja measures 1,75 cm and she is single.  She is quite jealous of her private life. Sometimes she comes to the finery accompanied of her brother Jeff. She is partially vegetarian but she wants to be in a strict way when she manages to leave her nutritive temptation: the cheese. Also she is smoking. She likes very much the animals and she has two cats (called Rumplestiltskin and Sid Potier), and a puerblood bitch boxer (Ali). She likes to travel, to play the guitar and to sing. She has two tattooes, one of them is a flower in her left ankle. According to her, she would not make scene undresses except for the world peace or if she could escape from the jail. In 2003 she was in the list of the hundred most sexy women of the world. In July, 2004 she was dismissed of the series CSI for pushing her contract back, and later re-admitted.

Adress for fans:
Jorja Fox
9057-C Nemo Street
West Hollywood, CA 90069
United States


- The Kill-Off (1989)
- Happy Hell Night (1990)
- Dead Drunk (1992)
- Dead Funny (1994)
- Los mamarrachos (1195)
- Velocity Trap (1997)
- How to Make the Cruelest Month (1998)
- The Hungry Bachelors Club (1999)
- Forever Fabulous (2000)
- Memento (2000)

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